Morgan’s Wonderland

Congratulations to Morgan’s Wonderland for receiving the Red Vest Accessible designation in August 2021.

Morgan’s Wonderland calls itself the first theme park of its kind in the world. In 2017, the ultra-accessible™ theme park opened its expansion, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, which was named on the 2018 “World’s Greatest Places” list by TIME Magazine. Guided by its mission of inclusion, the park strives to bring together guests all ages and all abilities through the power of inclusive play.

The park was nominated by NEADS client Emma with Service Dog for Hearing Hank in part because:

  • Hank is able to ride every ride and they are specifically trained of how to let Service Dogs get on and off rides;
  • Ramps, flat surfaces, cut curbs and all accessible rides and custom wheelchairs for the water parks;
  • An entire front parking lot of only handicap spots and cut curbs and sidewalks everywhere;
  • They work with the city of San Antonio’s VIA public trans system for those with disabilities;
  • They hire those with disabilities and everyone is so well trained on interacting with me and Hank.

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